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Electric Bottom Hole Heating System

All Petrotherm products are characterized by high reliability and longevity in the oil patch. Regardless of what the acquisition cost may be, Petrotherm products are ALWAYS lowest in life-cycle costs. In fact, most of our installations have lasted twenty to twenty-five years.

Petrotherm welcomes your inquiries for any of your heating needs. You'll find Petrotherm products are the most creative, effective, and economical.

Bottom Hole Heating (EBHHS) - Are Your Rods "Floating"?

Down-hole heating systems provide electrical heat right at the producing zone to help thin heavy crudes or prevent paraffin breakout or blockage, increasing well production from 2 to 8 times or more.

Standard systems are available for wells with primary production in ranges from 1 to 50 barrels per day. The heater assembly attaches directly to the tubing string and power is conducted through a steel armored cable (standard ESP) or continuous steel conduit. 480 VAC systems are standard for wells to 4000' depth and standard ESP power ratings to 44KW.

Higher voltage models are recommended for deeper wells or higher power requirements. Low power units can be furnished at 240 V. (other voltages are available).

In order to determine which specific model best fits your application, complete resevoir and well data are needed. Please fill out the Petrotherm Application Data Sheet online to get started.


For wells with heavy asphaltic crudes or paraffin problems. Most economically effective well candidates are less than 4000' deep with heavy asphaltic crude of 8° to 16° gravity or paraffin problems whose viscosity drops 10 to 100 times with a 100° F rise in temperature, relatively low water cuts, and base fluid production less than 50 barrels per day. Standard systems for 5 1/2" casing tap and up; special slim-line designs for 4 1/2" casing. (Clearances are tight, so not recommended for deeper wells.)

Advantages of the Petrotherm Electric Bottom Hole Heating System...
Economical: Lowest cost of any thermal recovery method.
Non-contaminating: No foreign or corrosive materials are used.
Safe: No damage to well bore or production formation.

Temperatures are maintained well below coking point.
Efficient: Essentially all of the heat generated is delivered to the producing zone.
Simple: No special well completions required. No need for complex support equipment.
Continuous Operation: No downtime. The well is pumped at all times during heater operation, unlike cyclic stimulation methods.

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